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WordPress Hosting

We offer reliable and speedy hosting, powered by 100% Dell server hardware, enterprise-class Linux and multiple fast network connections. Your uptime is our top priority – our smart routing and responsive customer service team based in the Twin Cities ensure that your site will run smoothly and without issue.

Our hosting services cover what we refer to as the Four S’s: Speed, Scalability, Security and Support.

Speed: Lightning quick servers optimized for WordPress sites and blogs. You can also take your package to the next level with CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Scalability: Our high-bandwidth service will have your site prepared to handle heavy traffic spikes without issue.

Security: Rest assured that your assets are protected. We’ll keep your data safe and manage updates.

Support: Our accessible staff works closely with clients, answering your questions and training you on the ins and outs of WordPress software.

In addition, we offer green hosting. Sustainability is a growing trend all over the world, especially here in Minnesota. Click to learn more about 10fold Solutions’ green hosting capabilities.