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Optimizing Your Landing Page

Posted by 10fold - July 5, 2012 - Search Engine Optimization - No Comments

Landing pages are an excellent way to communicate your value proposition and convert web traffic into sales. In short, they are specially designed pages built around a particular product, offer or promotion.

A landing page is where a person is sent after clicking on an advertisement or search engine result. Generally, the content should serve as an extension of the link that sent them there. Optimizing landing pages is all about making them more engaging for the reader, so that the calls to action hit home.

Here are a few best practices that we preach:

1) Aim for simplicity. People have short attention spans, so an attention-grabbing, quick-to-the-point display will help convert traffic. Use short, direct messaging to deliver your value proposition. Balance text with images.

2) Be transparent. Make it clear to users where they are and what they’re getting into. Your most visible headline should be clearly explanatory. Don’t make it a mystery.

3) Avoid going over the top with animations and effects. People can get frustrated with sites that slow down their computer or overload their senses. Plus, not all devices and browsers will be able to properly render your intended display.

4) Include multiple calls to action. Different folks tend to click on links in different areas of the page, or tend to react to different language and promotions. Try different things with the goal of moving them to the desired offer. With that said, ensure that there’s one main, obvious call-to-action and the page isn’t overcrowded with them.

5) Demonstrate the benefits of your service by displaying testimonials, prominent client lists or case studies. These types of features indicate a proven track record, and they play a big part in building legitimacy.