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Why Go With WordPress?

Posted by 10fold - June 21, 2012 - Web Design - No Comments

At one point, WordPress was viewed strictly as a blogging platform. Many people still view it that way. But the truth is that the open source publisher has evolved into a comprehensive tool for building and maintaining websites, and it’s the one we prefer here at 10fold Solutions.

Because WordPress is built around open source, it’s constantly being updated to meet the industry’s standards. The software is flexible and expandable, with hundreds of plugins and modules available to add functionality to your website.

One aspect of WordPress that makes it such a popular option, particularly for small and medium sized businesses, is its ease of use on the front end. Once your website has been built and designed, managing content is a snap. And because the platform encourages frequent updates, sites built on WordPress tend to be very SEO-friendly; major search engines are constantly crawling these sites and they love fresh content.

We’ve built many websites (including our own) through WordPress and have a great deal of experience working with its various features and programming distinctions. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our WordPress development and hosting capabilities or get in touch with us today.