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Mobile is Global

Posted by 10fold - February 16, 2012 - Mobile Development - No Comments

At the end of 2011, there were a reported 5.9 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. That’s a staggering number to wrap your head around — equivalent to almost 90 percent of the planet’s population. Not all those subscribers access broadband through their mobile devices, but the number of people who are doing so continues to grow, to the degree that within three years it is estimated that the number of mobile internet users will surpass the number of desktop users.

Mobile access is not only booming on a global level, but also here in the United States, where 69 percent of mobile users access the internet daily. The reach of this medium is growing wildly, and any forward-thinking company would be remiss not to jump on board if they haven’t already.

Is your website compatible with smart phones and tablets? Are you offering the type of simplistic design and interactivity that on-the-go mobile users crave? Are you taking advantage of the numerous features that make mobile marketing an ideal channel for connecting with customers and building leads?

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