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Just Tweet It

Posted by 10fold - February 29, 2012 - Social Media Marketing - No Comments

Earlier this week we wrote about the value of Facebook as a tool for business. To be sure, it’s important to establish a presence on the notorious social networking behemoth. Yet, when it comes to engaging with customers, clients and other businesses through social media, there’s a good argument to be made that Twitter is where it’s at.

Certainly Facebook has the wider reach, but Twitter’s functionality caters more to conversation and community. By accruing followers and interacting with them, you can expand the scope of your business while adding personality and accessibility to your brand.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your Twitter presence, it’s important to have a defined strategy in place. How much time are you willing to commit to fostering conversations? What type of people and businesses are you hoping to connect with? How will you measure your success?

At 10fold Solutions, we can help you plan and execute a winning Twitter strategy. See our Social Media Marketing capabilities and contact us today to get the discussion started.